A feminist against abortion

It is time someone wrote this! http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/22/opinion/bachiochi-abortion-roe-v-wade/ Key points I liked: –  Abortion betrays women by having us believe that we must become like men — that is, not pregnant — to achieve parity with them, professionally, socially, educationally. – Many men today would prefer to dedicate far more time and attention to their children than […]

Kids are expensive, and I have nothing

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt9-Ds9nuw4 This clip is so funny because he isn’t preachy or anything. He’s just awesome. I love this comedian, Jim Gaffigan. Discussions in the workplace about family and kids inevitably lead to “how many kids?? That’s so expensive!” It’s a thought I guess that is quite normal now. But I’m not so sure that this […]

My life as a disposable partner

Oh Elle magazine. I usually only look to you for fashion…but today’s article hit me.  http://www.elle.com/news/lifestyle/my-life-as-a-disposable-partner?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=1448_71013400&linkId=8805546 Except the sobbing into gym socks. I’m not really a gym-going kinda gal. But it’s so true. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of being someone’s plan B, last resort, “my man’s away, so we can play” texts really […]