China’s efficiency

When I heard Justin Trudeau give that speech about China being admirable I was absolutely sick to my stomach. Not even kidding. My grandparents moved to Hong Kong to get away from the efficiency he praises so highly. I’m fairly sure my mom’s nine siblings would not exist today, my dad’s three siblings would not exist today, if we stayed in China. It’s as simple and horrifying as that. I’m grateful everyday, needless to say.

The globe and mail has an article about China that I think explains it all for me.

Particularly the forced abortions, sterilizations, hiding of children… As one of the parents put it:

“Isn’t giving birth a basic right?” Besides, she points out, neither Bill Gates, Warren Buffett – nor even Mao Zedong or current president Xi Jinping – were first-born children. “How many outstanding people were planned out of existence?” she asks.

Just a thought anytime anyone thinks China is environmentally responsible with their implementation of the one child policy. It comes at a great cost of individual freedom of their citizens.


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