“I love you, but choose our child, and I want a divorce.”

I’m just trying to picture this conversation between a husband and wife. Wife delivers baby, they discover baby Leo has down syndrome. And she gives husband an ultimatum, “choose to stay with me, or choose to leave with the baby”. She doesn’t even touch the baby after carrying him in her womb for nine months, and when the father decides that being a father is the most loving thing he can do in this situation, the wife leaves. AND files for divorce within a week.



It’s so confusing to me. What does marriage mean to people? In convenience and good health? For pleasure and riches? In ease and no pain? And the minute we hit an obstacle, it’s over? I hope she comes around (because life is long and we are all capable of great reformation and change through it), but her cold insistence and almost robotic lack of emotion indicates it is a permanent arrangement. What a crazy world.

But on the BRIGHT side, the internet chipped in, and in 2 weeks the dad fundraised $362,000.00 on crowdfund! At least he is affirmed in his love for his child by the world and the kindness of complete strangers. That is pretty beautiful.


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