Thoughts about sex ed reform

I was reading the coverage in the Toronto Star

And wondering what the heck it is about sex ed reform that brings the worst out in people. For instance, the education minister who accused opposition to be “aligning themselves with homophobes.”

It is a touchy issue because essentially, making sex ed neutral is impossible. It makes a statement no matter which side you’re on. Those who believe sex has consequences are hated by those who believe sex can be separated from relationships, love, commitment. Any hint of education about emotional consequences is seen as unscientific and speculative by those who believe in “safe sex”.

Talking about sex needs to happen, for sure. But making people sit through extensive instructive methods of having sex, is taking the position that they ought to be having sex, particularly when they aren’t encouraged to discuss how to decide when to have sex, and the motivations of having sex. Teens feel so alone and unheard despite the complete overload of instructions on having sex. It strikes me as funny, because it is the one area we expect teens to just fend for themselves. It’s like a rebound from not talking about sex to just talking about sex. Somewhere along the way we missed the point of it. It’s not just a biological, eventual process. We are not animals. Behaviour is within our control.


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